Teresa Hogue (President)

Teresa Hogue

A recognized leader known for addressing complex community and business issues with strategic vision and elegantly simple solutions to achieve success, Teresa Hogue offers a unique blend of applied education helping communities, businesses, and organizations build their capacity to lead positive change. As Director of the Cascade Center for Community Governance and Professor Emeritus, Teresa is both diligent in tailoring solutions for the 21st century and committed to raising levels of inquiry to discover positive futures.

With a reputation for judicious use of resources and innovative approaches, Teresa’s expertise and work has been instrumental to local, state, national and international communities. During her 38 year tenure at Oregon State University, Professor Hogue held positions in research, teaching, and administration that developed new and innovative approaches to education and creating integrated systems where collaboration and leveraging human and capital resources was critical.

Building on her degrees in Resource Management, Masters in Business Administration, and Community Development, she has worked extensively in areas of stewardship and leadership development, public and private collaborations, governance, strategic and business planning, and developing and implementing sustainability strategies.

Teresa has authored several books and numerous tools and models for community building for private non-profits, government, businesses, and organizations. Hogue holds degrees and post graduate studies from Oregon State University, University of Oregon, Yale University and Harvard University Kennedy School of Government.