Mark McMillan, Esq. (Secretary)

mcmillianAs District Manager for Queens Community Board 13, he is tasked with assuring that city services are delivered to constituents within the community board area. Often this requires hosting meetings between city agency representatives, private developers and community members for dynamic conversations about specific issues. There is annual planning in conjunction with the Queens Borough President and three New York City Council Members (in the board catchment area) on capital and expense items to be included in the city budget. He meets with agency heads after reviewing their respective policy initiatives, suggesting changes, specific needs and support as their agendas go through the city budget process. His office partners with its state representatives on health fairs, community cleanups and informative programming around public education and what social services are available with assistance in the application process

His office is on the front line for constituent problems as we clarify, report and follow-up with our
contacts in each agency. Everything from requesting traffic controls, building code violations, tree pruning, repaving, park beautification, crime locations, zombie houses and illegal dumping locations come through the QCB13 office. We host monthly meetings with most city agencies where they present data reports as we engage in face-to-face interaction to address ongoing problems.

He has integrated, through Constant Contact and collecting of email addresses within our
communities, “real time” information dissemination about traffic changes, imminent weather
emergency situations, upcoming programming and events that are relevant to constituents.
The Community Board has 48 members who are local leaders in their civic or block
associations, religious organizations or political action committees. He personally knows and
engages with each of them on all matters local and professional.

Previously, he was Director, Economic Development Community Partnerships at Medgar
Evers College in Brooklyn, New York. In that capacity, he managed development staff on
fundraising initiatives and special events, and met with elected officials and community groups
on college needs and priorities, potential relationships and collaborations. Mr. McMillan was the
director of the “Medgar Project,” a documentary film about the college’s namesake. As Deputy Counsel for the Queens Borough President, he advised her, senior staff, community boards and non-profits on various legal issues involving the New York City Charter, contracts, labor and employment, and trademarks. Mr. McMillan was the borough president’s direct liaison to NYC city uniformed services (NYPD; FDNY/EMS), Veterans Affairs, the District Attorney’s Office, Legal Aid Society, and he sat on the NYC Franchise and Concessions Review Committee which manages the evaluation and approval of proposed agreements for businesses operating on NYC property.