Daniel Medgar Evers-Everette

Daniel Medgar Evers-Everette is the grandson of Civil Rights activists Medgar WileyDANIEL
Evers and Myrlie Evers. Daniel was born in and raised in the Washington DC area. Five years later he moved with his family to Southern California.

Daniel’s passion for deciphering puzzles and gadgets at a very early age, lead him to the field of information technology. He pursued a degree at Westwood College in E-Business Management and continues at The University of Phoenix in the field of Cyber Security. Pursing his major and interest, it eventually guided him onto the path toward education.

He started his career as a Computer Instructor at the Healthcare Workforce where is passion for education in the IT field was fueled while teaching nurses basic computer techniques and knowledge to enhance their skill set. He has since continued advancing and emerging himself in bridging the gap between technology and how it is understood.

It is his desire to continue in his family’s legacy by upholding the morals of his grandfather and combined them with the technological advances of the 21 century, to better the lives and experience of all people.